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Single Cup Coffee Options from S&D Coffee

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Nothing beats a cup of hot coffee, freshly brewed, in the flavor you want, when and where you want it. This instant personalization is the driving force behind the explosive growth of single cup coffee. Consumers really do prefer to have their coffee, their way.

There are many ways single-cup coffee could be beneficial to your business:

  • to satisfy customer demand for variety that you don't normally offer
  • to economically serve late afternoon coffee without wasting most of a brewed pot
  • to meet requests for low-demand coffees, such as decaf, during the day.

S&D Coffee wants to meet all of your coffee needs. We offer multiple single-cup options to help you balance your customers' demands for freshness and variety with your desire for convenience and waste management.

New in 2014, S&D is proud to pour eight decades of experience into the single serve cup. The classic S&D beverages you know and trust can be offered virtually anywhere in an instant.

Read more about our single-cup options below.

Single Cup Coffee Product Offerings:

  • S&D Single Serve Collection
  • myChoice® Café Pods
  • Suite Systems®


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